Hello im juubellie and i love to draw aliens, bunnies, robots and alien bunnies!

See below for my commission rates and examples of my work!
if you are interested in commissioning me, please send me a DM on nstagram, commercial commissions can be also discussed via email ([email protected])


- Payment via Paypal Invoice
- Payment upfront
- Process of your Artwork will be provided with opportunity for change before every major step
- Your Artwork will be finished within the next 4 weeks after the sketch is approved
- Only OCs
- Wont do NSFW, furry, real People, fanart
- Refund only before i start working, once ive sent you the sketch, i wont accept refunds anymore
- If you dont want me to post your commission, tell me!
- all commissions come with a simple background and a version without background

when inquiering

- Please send me a clear reference of the character you want me to draw
- Please tell which type of commission you want (fullbody, halfbody, portrait)
- Please tell me your paypal email-adress so i can send you an invoice
- if you dont have a character and i have to design one for you, i will take a design fee of additional 100€

commercial vs. personal

Im open for commercial commissions as well!
These type of commissions allow you to earn money with the artwork i made for you, you have the rights to do whatever you want with it (sell shirts, merch, etc.)
Commercial is every type of commission with the intend to earn money, this includes assets for VTubers as well, if you earn money with Streaming (banner, merch, etc.)For commercial commissions, i take a fee of additional 50% of the initial price for the licence to use the artwork for profit. Please note, that 50% is the starting price and that this fee might be higher depending on the size of your project (or channel, if you are streaming) If your are, for example, an indie vtuber, the licence wont be as expensive as for a clothing brand with lots of sales.If you, however, use your commission just for yourself with no profit in mind, its a personal commission and no additional fees will be added, but you arent allowed to earn money with the artwork

Rights toPersonalCommercial
Print for myselfYesYes
Print for saleNoYes

I would appreciate credit in any way when using a commercial commission i made for you


Fullbody 70€

1920 x 2400 300dpi

Halfbody 60€

1920 x 2400 300dpi

Portrait 50€

2048 x 2048 300dpi

Chibi 40€

2048 x 2048 300dpi

3d Model 40€

first character is my own, second is @rinihimme's and third is @marikyuun'sYou will get an edited version (1) and and unedited version (2) with a simple background and without as well as turnarounds of both. Please note, that the turnarounds wont have a transparent background. I will provide the obj. file if requestedfor more examples feel free to look through my insta gallery

Hi Juubellie!
im a selftaught artist from germany, looking for freelance work!
I love retro anime and early y2k
aesthetics and try to reflect that in my works.
I use an ipad pro, apple pencil and procreate for my artworks and editing.My pixelart is made in aseprite and my 3d models are made in paint3dIm currently enrolled in biology, but i hope to find a more artsy job :)

My name on every social media is juubellie, if you ever see this name on a social media site that is not listed, its not me![email protected] for business inquiries only